Arsene Wenger: “The record is behind us now”

Arsenal are in a good shape, but they are still not in the Champions League zone. The Gunners have a good squad, but the main problem is the lack of motivation. The team is in a bad way, but it is still possible to turn things around.
The Frenchman has repeatedly said that the team needs to be in the top three of the English Premier League. This is the main goal of the club, and the team has already managed to achieve this.
However, the team is not in a position to win the title. The main problem of the Gunners is the fact that they are not in good shape for the Champions league. The players are tired, and they do not have enough motivation.

Arsenal has a good lineup, but this is not enough to compete with the strongest clubs. The club has to improve its results in order to be able to compete against the leaders.
It is still unclear whether the Gunner’s Champions League chances will be successful. The current season is not the best for the team, and it is not clear whether the players will be able even to get into the playoffs.
If the team does not get into a position where it can win the Champions cup, it will be extremely difficult for the club to get out of the relegation zone.
You can always follow the results of the team on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information about the results and livescores of the teams from all over the world.
Team’ s chances of winning the Champions Cup
The current season of the Champions tournament is not going well for the Gunnar. The results of matches are not going the way the team had hoped for.
In the first round, the Gunns lost to the Meringues. The second match was not so successful, too. The Meringue’ players scored a goal, but Arsenal managed to equalize the score.
After that, the Mers won the match 2:1. The third match was even more disappointing. The Arsenal players were defeated by the team of Manchester City.
At the end of the season, the club was in the middle of the standings, but not in first place.
Now, the situation is even worse. The situation of the Mings is even better. The last season, they were in the first place of the championship, and this year they are in the playoffs, too, but there is no chance for them to get to the next stage.
This is the situation of Arsenal, too: the team can win gold medals, but at the same time it will not be able compete against its main competitors.
Arsenal’’s chances of getting into the Champions play-off round
The team is still in the fight for the title, but now it is more difficult. The problem is that the Gunni players are not ready for the fight. They are tired of the long tournament distance, and there is a lack of confidence.
Many of the players are also not in form. The coach is trying to get them into shape, and he is doing his best to do this. However, it is difficult to get the players into the best shape.
They need to be motivated, and you can see that they have a lot of problems with this. The level of competition in the domestic championship is much higher than in the international arena.
There is no doubt that the situation in the English championship is not very good for the Minshull team. The season has already ended, and now the club needs to focus on the Champions round.
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Current Champions League table
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament of the Old World. It is a tournament for the best clubs from all corners of the world, and each club has a certain number of places in the group stage. The top 4 clubs of the previous season will be invited to the group stages of the next season.
Each club will play with the club of the same nationality that has the most points. The draw of the draw is held in the last round, and in this draw, the clubs with the most goals scored are placed in the same group. The clubs with a lower number of points are placed into the lower group.
As a result, the group winners will play against each other in the next round, which will decide the final position of the clubs in the tournament.
Of course, the most interesting part of the tournament is the Champions group stage, where the clubs have to play against the clubs from the same country, but also against the club from the other country.
Among the most popular clubs in this tournament are:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Real Madrid;
* Juventus;

* Bayern;
*. Barcelona;
* Inter.
All the clubs of this group stage have a chance to qualify for the next Champions League season. The group stage of the current season has been very interesting, and many clubs have already won the gold medals.
Here, the teams are divided into 4 groups. The teams from the first and third groups will play in the play-offs, while the teams of the second and fourth groups will be in a play-out.

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