Germany, France and England are the favorites of Euro 2016

Germany, France and England are the favorites of Euro 2016, but the tournament is not without its surprises. Here is the list of the most interesting matches of the tournament.

The tournament is held every four years, and this time the favorites are not the same. In the previous tournament, Germany and France were the main favorites. However, in the current tournament, England has been the main favorite.
The main contenders for the victory in the tournament are:
1. Great Britain. The team has been in great form this season, and it is quite possible that it will be able to repeat its triumph.
2. Germany. The Germans have been in the top-4 for a long time, and they have a good squad.
3. France. The French team has recently become more confident and is now considered one of the main contenders.
4. Italy. The squad of the team is quite strong, and the team has a good coach.
5. Spain. The Spanish team has also been in top-3 for a while.
6. Netherlands. The Dutch team is one of Europe’s best, and its coach has been working for a few years.
7. Belgium. The Belgians have recently become stronger and are now considered the main contender for the title.
8. Russia. The country has recently been in a great shape, and many experts consider it one of top-5 teams.
9. Portugal. The Portuguese team has long been considered one the main competitors of the Germans.
10. Turkey. The Turkish team has lately been in good shape, too.
All the matches of Euro are available on the sports statistics website. Here you can find information about the matches from all over the world.
Live Results of Matches
Now, it is much easier to follow the results of the matches. The sports statistics site offers the live results of matches of all kinds. The site is updated in real time, which means that you will always be aware of the latest news.
You can find the information about matches of a particular country on the site. The information is updated every minute, which allows you to find the latest information.
There are a lot of matches on the website, but it is easy to find only the relevant information. The website offers the results from matches of various sports disciplines. The main ones are: football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, rugby, cricket, American football, rugby league, cricket in India, rugby union, rugby sevens, hockey and many more.
It is easy and convenient to use the site, because it is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The interface of the site is simple and easy to navigate. You can find it in the search bar of the browser.
Results of Matched Games
The site offers a lot information about all kinds of matches. You will find the results in a convenient format. You just have to choose the sports discipline you are interested in. The results of all the matches are available for viewing.
In the current season, the site offers results from the matches between England and Spain. You have to click on the English team, and you will find out the results. The following matches were held:
* Manchester United – Chelsea;
* Liverpool – Manchester City;
* Manchester United – Tottenham;
In total, the English and Spanish teams played in 4 matches.
If you click on a particular match, you will see the results for that match. The English team won in all matches, and in the last match the Spanish team defeated the English one.
This is a good result for the team, but if the team can repeat its success, it will have a chance to win the tournament for the second time in a row.
Main Favorites of the Current Season
The current season is the third time that the English have won the tournament, and that is a great result for them. The previous two tournaments were won by the teams of Manchester United and Liverpool.
However, the team of Manchester City has recently started to show its best football. The club has recently won the Premier League, and now it is considered one among the main teams in the world, too, which is why the club is considered a favorite of the current championship.
Of course, the main advantage of the club that is considered the favorite of this season is its good lineup. The players of the City have a great number of players, which has allowed them to play with a great level.
Another advantage of this team is its excellent teamwork. This is one more reason why the team will be considered one for the long run.
Manchester United, on the other hand, has recently begun to show some problems. The season has been difficult for the club, and there have been several scandals that have hurt the team.
For example, the club has been accused of using players from other teams for personal gain. The scandal has caused a lot, and after a while the team began to lose points.
But the team still has a chance, because the team’ players are still young and have a lot to learn.
Fans and Experts’ Predictions
The fans of the Manchester United are always ready to cheer the team when it wins.

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