Match review: Chelsea – Everton (1-1)

Match review: Chelsea – Everton (1-1)

Chelsea’s game was dominated by the Merseysiders’ attacking football. This is a good sign for the team’s prospects, because the previous season, the Blues were not able to demonstrate their attacking football on a regular basis.
The first half of the season was very successful for the Blues, as they managed to win 4 out of 5 matches and finish in the top 4. The first victory was over Everton, who was in the Europa League zone.
In the second half of this season, Chelsea will have to face the following problems:
1. Lack of motivation. The team has not been playing for a long time and does not have the necessary motivation to fight for the title.
2. Unstable lineup. The Blues have not been able to find a stable lineup for a very long time.
3. Lackadaisical playing style. The players are not able at the moment to make quick substitutions and do not have enough strength to impose a serious fight on the opponents.
4. Lack in the form of leaders. Eden Hazard, Willian and Cesar Azpilicueta are still not in good shape and have not yet fully recovered from injuries.
Chelsea has a good chance of winning the title, but it is still far from the desired level.

Chelsea – Everton – results of the first half
The start of the new season of the English Premier League is very interesting and interesting for fans. Chelsea is the main favorite of the championship, but the team is not in the best shape and needs to strengthen its lineup.
This is especially true for the defense, where the team needs to find stability and a long-term solution to the problem of injuries. The defense has been in a state of flux for several years, so the team has to find its place in the lineup. This was not easy for the Chelsea defense, as the team was not able for a while to find the right combination of players to play together.
Despite the fact that the team started the season very well, it is not going to be able to win the title in the current season. The main problem of the Blues is the lack of motivation, which is reflected in the fact they have not won the championship for a few years now.
However, the team still has a chance to win it, because it is possible to find out the results of their games in the next season.
Chelsea – Merseyside derby
The second half is the most important part of the campaign, because if the team manages to finish in top 4, it will be able not only to win gold medals, but also to qualify for the Champions League.
During the season, Everton was in a difficult position, because of the fact it was not in a good shape. The Merseysides club was in an extremely difficult situation, because they needed to find their game for the Europa Cup, as well as for the fight in the Premier League. The Everton team was in such a bad shape that it was almost impossible to play in the Champions league.
At the same time, the Mersey derby was a real success for the Everton team. The game was very intense, because Chelsea had a very good chance to break the Everton defense, which was not very strong.
After the break, Everton managed to get a good result, but this was not enough for the Merseiders to win. The match ended with a score of 1:0.
It is important to note that the Everton players were very tired, but they were able to get the result they needed.
Everton – Chelsea – results in the second part of season
The Everton team had a difficult season, because despite the fact the team managed to finish the Europa league, the main goal of the club was to fight in England. The result of the Everton match is not surprising, because in the previous match, the Everton had a good game and managed to break Chelsea’s defense.
But this time, Everton had problems with the defense. The defenders were tired, and the team had to play with a short bench.
As a result, Everton did not have a chance, and it was the Merseleses who scored the goal. The ball was played to the left of the goal, and Willian passed to Azpilca. Azpili passed to Hazard, who passed to Willian. Willian then passed to the right of the penalty area. Azpiilca then passed the ball to Azpurua. Azpuruai then passed it to Azpiulona, who scored a goal.
Willian scored his first goal for the club. He scored a penalty, which the Everton goalkeeper saved.
Everton – Chelsea results in Europa League
The Europa League is a tournament that is very important for the clubs from the Premier league. The teams from the top division of England have to fight against the teams from other leagues. The Europa League has a few rounds, and after that the teams have to play a match.
There are only a few matches left, and this is a chance for the teams to find themselves in the tournament zone. The Chelsea and Everton matches were very interesting, because Everton was not at its best and needed to strengthen the lineup, which it did not manage to do.
Both matches ended with the score of 0:0, and both teams managed to achieve a positive result.

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