Mourinho: “I think it’s the end of the story”

By Football Italia staff
“It’s the end, but we’ll see what the future holds.”
‘We’ve been here for a long time, so we‘ll see if we can finish the season in the Champions League zone.’
” We’re not going to give up. We‘ve got a lot of things to do, so let’ see what happens.“
’We‘re going to fight until the very last match. We want to finish in the top 4.‘
‚ We”ll do everything we can to get to the Champions league.‚
„We”ve got to finish the campaign in the first position, otherwise we“ll be kicked out of the Europa League.
‟We“ve got the squad, we”re the best in the country. We have the best players in the world, so the only thing we need is to play the right way.‟
‛We„ll have to do our best to achieve our goals.‛
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It“s the last match of the season, so there“re only a few matches left, but the team has already shown that it“d be able to fight for the title.
The team needs to do its best to finish as high as possible in the standings.
We‚ll see how the season will end, and if the team will be able win the title, or if it”s going to be kicked from the top division.
It seems that the team is going to play in the Europa league, but it‘s not clear if the club will be allowed to participate in the European Cup.
However, the team“maintains its position in the domestic championship, so it’d be difficult to leave the top-4.
There”d be no problem for the team, as it‚s the best squad in the history of the championship.
But it„s not going well if the squad is not able to finish high in the table.
In the last matches, the players have shown that they“ re not going down with the team.
They” re not giving up, and the team can still win the champion title.

The last match was a real success for the club, as the team managed to finish 3 points behind Juventus, but still in the lead.

However it‟s not the end for the Bianco Neri, as there”r still a lot to do.
For the next season, the club has a lot more matches ahead, so they” ll be able not only to finish at the top of the standings, but also to fight against the teams from lower divisions.
You can follow the situation of the team on the website of sports statistics.
This season, Milan has been in the middle of the tournament table, but not in the leading position.
Many experts believe that the club can get into the Champions’ League zone, but if it does, it‡ll have a difficult time.
Milan has a good squad, and it‛s the most attacking in the league.
If the team does not show its best, then it›ll be punished.
At the same time, the fans are very demanding, and they want to see the best from their team. It“ s the last season, and we‚ve got only a short time to show the best.
So, we can“t be too disappointed, as we›ve got more matches to do it.›

Milano“ „s ” team is in the fight for a place at the
top of Italian football table. The club has been strong
this season, but many experts believe it‗ll be able to get into the
championship zone, but the team needs to do its best to finish in the
top-4, otherwise it‹ll be kicked out of the top division. It “ m
very difficult to get into Europa League if the club can”t finish
in the first position. However, the main thing is to finish in the first
position, so the Milan club“ ll be able do that.„
In Serie A, the Milan team has a great chance to get out of Serie B and into the top divisions. There“r only a small number of matches left until the end.

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