Spurs boss Pochettino on Kane and Alli: “They are young players and they have time to improve”

The Spurs are in the middle of a busy transfer window, which has already seen the arrival of several new players. In the midst of this, the club has signed the young players of the team, such as Kane and Son.

However, it is the transfer of the club’s main star that has attracted the most attention. This is the acquisition of Kane, who has become the main star of the Tottenham Hotspur.
The young Englishman has already become a fan favorite, and his transfer has already caused a stir. The Spurs have already signed him for the next season, and he will be able to play for the team in the Premier League.
Kane’ s Transfer to the Spurs
The transfer of Kane has already attracted a lot of attention, and the fans are already wondering how the team will use him. The young English player has already scored a lot, and now he is expected to become a main star for the Spurs.
It is worth noting that the Spurs have a number of young players who can replace Kane in the starting lineup. This will allow the team to win the Premier league title.
In addition, the Spurs are also in the midst a busy season, so they will have to strengthen the lineup in every match. This transfer of a young player will allow them to do this.
Will the Spurs be able not to lose to Leicester in the fight for the title?
The Leicester City has a lot to prove in the season of the English Premier league. The team has already lost to the team from Manchester United, but it is still capable of winning the title. However, the team has a number problems, which have not been solved yet.
For example, the lack of motivation. The fans have already noticed that the team is not in the best shape, and this is also reflected in the results of the matches. However the team still has a chance to win, because it has a good lineup and a good coach.
However the team needs to improve its game if it wants to win a place in the top 4. The Leicester has a great chance to do it, because the team can use the transfer campaign as a chance for improvement.
Leicester City’ transfer campaign
The season of English Premier League has already ended, and it is time for the new season. The new season of Leicester City is the main goal of the fans, and they are ready to wait for the transfer.
This year, the fans have the opportunity to watch the team’ new coach, Jurgen Klopp. The German coach has already managed to strengthen his squad, and after the transfer, the Leicester will be a strong contender for the champion title. The main problem of the new coach is the lack motivation.
Fans have already seen that the players are not in good shape, because they have not played for a long time. This fact is also seen in the team results, because in the matches against the main rivals, the results are not so good.
But the fans of the city of Leicester are ready for any result, because this is their team, and if they do not win the champion’ title, then they will be the main contender for it.
Current Leicester City lineup
The main problem for the Leicester is the lineup. The club has a very good lineup, and even the team leaders have not always been able to make the right decisions.
Also, the coach Jurgens has not always managed to find the right lineups for the matches, which is another problem of his team.
After the transfer window is over, the squad of the coach will be strengthened, and then the team should start to play in the championship.
Main transfers of the season
The new season is also a good opportunity to make transfers, and Leicester has already signed several players. Among them are:
* Riyad Mahrez
* Keita Bates-Diop
* Mohamed Salah
* Wilfred Ndidi
The list of the players that the club signed is quite long, and many of them have already become fans’ favorites.
Of course, the main transfer of this season is the signing of the young English star. The player has a bright future, and in the next seasons he will become a star of his own.
At the moment, the player is not playing in the first team, but he is already a fan’ favorite and a leader of the squad. The transfer of such a young star will allow Leicester to win in the English championship. However it is not yet known how the transfer will affect the team performance.
Leicester’ transfers in the transfer season
In the transfer market, Leicester is also busy, and there are a lot more transfers that the fans can watch. The players of this team are young and talented, and their transfer will allow to improve the performance of the Leicester in all matches.
Among the new signings, the most important are:
* Salah;
* Ndihma;
* Keita.
These players are young, and as a result, they have a bright career ahead of them. They have already shown that they can play in a top team. The signing of such players will allow Klopp’ to give the players a chance in the national team.

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