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ShotTracker for Basketball Review

Once Shot Tracker (basketball shot tracker) was first released two years ago, it gained immense popularity among athletes as well as trainers and amateur basketball players. This basketball shot tracker has a great potential to help athletes learn how to play as well as track their performance. The Shot Tracker aims to make your basketball experience better and more efficient. Let’s have a closer look at this wonder-device and how it can be of great help to you as you learn or improve your basketball skills.

First of all, let’s see how its system works. The ShotTracker contains three main components: an arm sensor, a net sensor, and application you need to install on your cell phone. Before you start playing with your new basketball shot tracker, you need to attach these sensors and launch the app. That is when the app will count and register your shots. Later you will be able to get the feedback on your performance as well as suggestions on the drills to make from this basketball shot tracker.

The ShotTracker aims to make your basketball experience better

The best part is that thanks to the state-of-the-art technology the app will provide you with the information you should take into account before you proceed to practice your shooting skills. An arm sensor registers the velocity and directions of your moves and can evaluate the shots you make. A net sensor counts your good shots and misses. Therefore, this device is an absolute must-have to those who want to practice their skills on their own.

However, this device has a range of disadvantages you should be aware of. First of all, the application cannot register the location your shot was made from. That is why you will not know what shots you should pay more attention to. The good news, though, is that you can inform the app that you are practicing shots from the left, and it will analyze your performance. Then you can switch to the right and let the app know about it and keep practicing. This disadvantage is not crucial, but still, it causes inconveniences you should be aware of beforehand.

Furthermore, basketball shot tracker’s net sensor has to be attached to a net, which means that you will have to get a ladder and carry it with you. This will cause no problems to those who practice basketball on a field next to their house; however, if you are playing in a public place, this can be a strong disadvantage.

Moreover, in case you are playing on an open field, the app will register shots into a basket by other people as yours, so this can be distracting. Yet, if you get to work on your skills all by yourself, this device will be your perfect “trainer.”

ShotTracker’s net sensor

A smart thing about a device is that both sensors can be charged at the same time, which saves you time and increases the chances that you will remember charge both of them. On top of that, the sensor was made in such a way that whenever no shots are made, it goes to sleep and resumes work after the next shot. This saves the sensor much battery energy. By the way, the battery life of these devices is three months.

Meanwhile, the device is quite simple to use so that it can be suitable for athletes of all ages; though, the younger ones might need assistance with attaching the sensors. Even more, you can share the results of your drills or training in a community of people that also use this device to improve their skills. However, the community is still in the process of developing, so certain features do not work properly. Thus, a few users complained that though their results were posted, they could not filter the participants by age or add their age as well to get a better picture of their performance.

The other advantage of basketball shot tracker is that the sensors are weatherproof. Therefore, no rain or wind can damage them. The price is another thing worth mentioning. Some claim that a device is pricey, but once you start using this technology, the price seems to be fair enough.

Finally, if you are a coach, you will be glad to learn that fellow coaches state that they find this device extremely useful for their everyday off-season training. Sensors do not limit the movements of the athletes, but knowing that after a casual play around they will get to see how good they were at it, athletes tend to focus on their game more and work out better. After each training, coaches get a chance to give very specific recommendations to each player based on the performance the app registered during the play. Having several athletes training at the same time means that some of their shots can be left without attention. Therefore, having ShotTracker is essential to improve the results of players.

having ShotTracker is essential to improve the results of players


These are the most important features you should be aware of when thinking of purchasing the best basketball shot tracker. This device will help you gain a better understanding of skills you should work on. You can share your own results with the community of people also using this device and get motivated by the results of other athletes. Moreover, you will get professional suggestions on what drills you should go through at the moment as well as create your own drills you want to do.

purchasing a ShotTracker

Nevertheless, there are a few aspects you should also take into account. They do not make a device less useful but can be seen as a problem (like the one with a ladder for the net sensor). So consider using our review before deciding on purchasing the device. Still, remember that many athletes and trainers are using it now and recommend their friends to get this useful thing to track their performance!

Rating (5 stars)