Rumour: Arsenal to renew Ramsey contract offer?

Arsenal have recently been in the middle of a number of transfer rumors, which have recently gained momentum. The Gunners are said to be interested in the services of the following players:
* Fikayo Tomori;
* Lukas Podolski;
* Gedion Zelalem.
The latter player is a young player who has already managed to make his mark in the EPL. He has already scored a number goals in the Premier League, and he is also considered one of the best young strikers in the world.

The Gunners have recently made a number transfer moves, and now they are trying to get more out of the players who they acquired. The club has recently acquired:
1. Lukasz Piszczek;
2. Lukaku;
3. Sokratis.
It is worth noting that Arsenal has recently managed to get a number transfers that are not very expensive, and the club is now trying to do the same again. The main thing is that the club has managed to strengthen the team, and it is now looking for a new goalkeeper.
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In the middle, you can find the information about the transfers of the Gunners. The team has recently signed Lukas Piszczycki, who is a goalkeeper. The player has already made a name for himself in the Polish Championship, and his first goal in the national championship was a great success.
Lukaku has also recently joined the team. The young player has managed a number successes in the English Premier League. The Portuguese player has recently scored a great number of goals, which has already brought him a place in the top-5.
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Arsenal transfers: a new era for the Gunner
The team has managed recently to get Lukaku, who has managed not only to score goals, but also to distribute them. The signing of the Portuguese player is another step in the right direction. The goalkeeper is a good choice for the team that is looking for another goalkeeper. Lukaku is a great player, and Arsenal is looking forward to getting more from him.
Another transfer that the Gunns are looking forward is the acquisition of Sokratas. The Greek player has been playing for the club for a long time, and this is another good choice that the team is looking to make. Sokratos is a player who is considered to be one of his team’ best players.
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One of the main goals of the club at the moment is to get into the Champions League zone. The last time the Gunni managed to do this was back in the 1990s, when they were the runners-up of the tournament.
However, the club still has a long way to go, and there are still a number things that the management needs to do to get closer to the top 4. The management has recently started to look for a number players who can help the team get closer.
Among the most important transfers that the new coach wants to make are:
· Sokkieta;
· Sokratio;
and Gedson.
Sokkieto is a midfielder who is the third in the club’s line-up. The position is important for the defense, and Sokkia is a very good player. The new coach is looking at Sokkacia because of the fact that he is a solid player who can make the team”s line-ups stronger. Sokkiato is also a good goalkeeper, and Gedsson is a striker who can also help the line-out.
There is a high probability that Sokkias will be the player that the coach will look for. The midfielder is a proven player, who can play on the left side of the field. Sokiato has managed in the past to score a lot of goals in matches, and if the team manages to get him, then it will be a great achievement for the new management.
Gedson is a forward who is expected to be acquired by the club. The striker has managed only a few goals in his career, and is considered one the best strikers in Europe. The coach is now considering the acquisition because of his experience and the fact he is already playing in the Champions league.
This transfer will allow the club to get the necessary number of players who will help it get closer in the fight for the Champions-League zone.
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